Dear Letters

Dear Friday, love ya. Mwah!

Dear Pandora, I do not want to listen to Michael Buble. Ever.

Dear Room, what exploded? There are clothes everywhere.

Dear Groceries, you're gone. Please come back...and bring the peanut butter.

Dear Blogland, I suck at replying to comments. It's a character flaw.

Dear Camera, you're collecting dust. Date this weekend?

Dear California, I think I might take our relationship to the next level; please let the DMV not suck.

Dear Car, take yourself to a gas station or stop with the low fuel light. Geesh.

Dear Salsa Lessons, thank you. Shannon was right.

Dear Roommate, you are beautiful to the core. I miss the carpool lane when you're not here.

Dear Legs, better job this week. You look a mile long in those new pants. I think I'll keep you.

Dear Brother, thank you for answering my questions about conductivity. I believe this makes us both nerds.

Dear self,  you're looking younger these days. Divorce suits you.

Respectfully yours,



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